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ADDú║Unit 2305 Lishinn Plaza No.90 South Hubin Road Xiamen China
TELú║+86-592-3299180( in 15 lines)
About Us

      Xiamen Hengkang international co.,ltd fabric Established in July 1999, has in hold share in setting up weaving, dyeing and finishing and utility plants etc. and with a production output of 16,000,000 yards per year to provide a series service of weaving ,dyeing and finishing and laminating to our customers all over the world. The company was put into production in April 2000,  have imported most of the important  product sets from European & Jp.

    Main productsú║Nylon ---Taffeta, Ripstop, Taslan, Oxford, Twill, Down-proof, Cordura®, Tactel®, Supplex®
Polyester --- Pongee, Taslan, Oxford, Down-proof, MicrofiberíóCoolmax
Other --- N/T Fabric, T/N fabric. N/c ;C/N. ect.
Finishing --- A/C, PU coating(clear,milky,silvery, colour, breathable), PVC laminating, PU film laminating and the other functional process (fire retardant, wicking & quick dry,Teflon, UV-cut, process against yellow changing, anti-bacteria, anti-static,ect).
    Application: lining fabric, apparel fabrics, down-proof fabrics, wind coat, tent, industrial fabrics, high ranked raincoat, luggage fabrics, PU fabrics, kite, sailing fabrics.
    Quality policy: develop and innovate unceasingly, get to the root of the matter, keep improving unremittingly, achieve sustained development, offer customer satisfied quality.
    With the power of united team, Hengkang improves technology and equipment, innovate products, optimize products construction, establish good relationship with customers and supplier, upgrade customer satisfaction, improve work environment etc.
   Our quality policy and management philosophy, get to the root of the problems, offer customer satisfied quality, formalize work instruction and management system to improve the efficiency of meeting customers.
    Review the past and look forward to the future, hengkang will have a better tomorrow.

Xiamen Hengkang International co., ltd. 
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